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practicing the moral doctrine of asshatry

everyone has to be good at something

Logan Echolls: Obligatory Psyhcotic Jackass
15 December
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"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible."
-Arthur C. Clarke

Logan Echolls here.

I'm 17, I go to Neptune High School (not that that's anything to be proud of). I'm sure you know who my parents are (if you ask for an autograph you'll get my foot up your ass). You probably saw my half-sister Trina playing Dead Hooker #3 on CSI last week. I also have a twin sister, Kaitlyn, who also frequents the halls of Neptune High School. She's pretty cool, as long as you don't touch her makeup bag without asking first.

This is my journal, so I'll say whatever the hell I want, although I tend to use that rule in all aspects of my life.